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Rules of the Innovation Awards "Trophées du Jardin des Innovations"

The reading of the Regulation of the Trophées du Jardin des Innovations is essential to validate your online application. If you need further clarification, please contact:

Camille CHAGOT
Innovation Space Coordinator
Email :
Tel : 01 34 75 93 64

Rule #1

The Trophées du Jardin des Innovations presented at the Salon Des Solidarités are intended to reward the best innovations for sustainable development of developing countries.

Rule #2

All exhibitors are allowed on the Salon des Solidarités.

Rule #3

To be validly admitted to the competition, each participant shall, before a deadline for each edition of Salon Des Solidarités, send to organizers an application for each innovation. The innovation presented will match several categories, but will be visible on under a single category. Will be taken into consideration that the registration forms signed.

Rule #4

To compete for the Trophées du Jardin des Innovations, any innovation must be enrolled in one of the following categories, as presented on the site and application: Energy, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Construction, Agriculture & Alimentation.

Rule #5

All applications will be reviewed by the organizers. A first selection can be made to ensure the quality of the review of applications by the jury.

Rule #6

All innovations presented in the Trophées du Jardin des Innovations and meeting the criteria of trophies will be presented on EDDENS - Jardin des Innovations, on websites and and mentioned at the awards ceremony.

Rule #7

All candidates meeting the criteria of the trophies will be invited to the awards ceremony.

Rule #8

The distinctions are awarded by a jury, at the initiative of the organizers of the Trophées of the Jardin des Innovations, members and partners in the operation of actors from the world of international solidarity, economic and research. Each jury member carries one vote. In the event that a juror would find itself directly related to the candidate structures contributing to Trophies, it will abstain from voting. The jury's decisions are final.

Rule #9

Beyond the technical elements considered for each category, the voting criteria also considered for the analysis of the files are: the break with the existing response to a need through a working prototype, the pay-terms of employment and sustainable economic development in the territory, taking into account the assimilation, the transfer of skills including installation & maintenance and sustainability of innovation in situ.

Rule #10

Anyone participating in the organization of the Trophées du Jardin des Innovations must held, with respect to any person, absolute confidentiality of any information contained in the records she was aware. Candidates for the accuracy of information they produce and may need to justify the jury's request. Participation in the Trophées of the Jardin des Innovations imply, for the candidate, accepting his case presented during the Salon Des Solidarités on EDDENS - Jardin des Innovations, during the awards ceremony and through paper documents and videos and other media on this event.

Rule #11

The jury shall draw his record in the light of competing issues in the same category. The panel shall designate one winner per category. The jury reserves the right not to award prizes in one of several categories if it considers the issues presented are not up to expectations. Conversely, the jury is given the opportunity to issue a "Special Jury Award" to reward a remarkable innovation.

Rule #12

Winners are allowed to use freely the Trophée du Jardin des Innovations which would have been assigned.

Rule #13

Participation to the Trophées du Jardin des Innovations implies the full acceptance of this Regulation and take sovereign decisions that the jury or the organizers for its implementation.

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